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We are revolutionizing industrial manufacturing! We are passionate about what we do, which is why working at SLM Solutions is a great career choice. We look for innovative, courageous, unconventional, and inquisitive people who want to contribute to our success story and feel comfortable in a culture that embodies openness, collaboration, growth, and change and is strongly customer focused.



Our employees are our top priority and the foundation of our success. We will welcome you from day one as part of our globally networked team, where you can contribute to our success by sharing your specific knowledge, personality, and team spirit. You’ll also notice the sense of togetherness we have: from the way we collaborate with one another within our company hierarchy, with our “open door policy” enabling you to directly reach out to Executive Board members in the same way you can to your colleagues, to the way we talk to one another, because we champion an informal approach to discourse – whether you are talking with an intern or an Executive Board member. Having a good team spirit is very important to us and we are strong believers that healthy employee relations make an important contribution to an optimal working environment, giving our employees the courage to speak up about new ideas.



Behind every innovation, behind every new development, behind every machine is excellence; excellence achieved by unique individuals who, with their unique skills set and ideas, want to make a difference. To foster such excellence, we offer you the necessary freedom to realize your own ideas and visions as well as a dynamic environment where you can develop freely. This means that you will be responsible for making your own decisions, but also be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. And because we are far from finished and so much is still possible, we are constantly on the look-out for new free thinkers, creative minds, and people to surprise us.



We see it as our job to be a role model for modern society and for our company to embody diversity. We want our employees to be able to express themselves fully in the workplace, and actively promote a culture of openness, tolerance, respect, and valuing people. Just like our customers, suppliers, and business partners globally – we are also diverse. At SLM Solutions, our diversity allows us to meet our counterparts on a level playing field, and this is what makes us so successful. For this reason, we want people from all age groups, disabilities, religious communities, sexual identities, ethnic origins, nationalities, and genders to embrace SLM Solutions as their employer. A number of these diverse people are already part of us, in all departments and roles. But for us, there is still more to be done. We would like even more diverse people to make our company and, by so doing, the world of AM an even better, more diverse and interesting place.


We are committed to providing equal opportunities for men and women, because we are strong believers that the different and mutually complementary perspectives and approaches of our employees bring great potential with them – further still: they enrich us and enable us to take on any challenge. For us, equal pay is a precondition that goes without saying. Our salaries are contractually regulated and form the basis for fair remuneration – regardless of gender or other factors.


Naturally, we also want gender equality to be reflected within our allocation of management positions. This is why we take various measures to support women in their individual career planning. It is true that 3D printing roles still tend to be carried out by men, but we are actively working to change this by encouraging more women to pursue a career in additive manufacturing. We want to balance out these inequalities between the sexes and help make SLM Solutions and our entire sector stronger, more interesting, and more diverse.

In our women’s network, our employees have the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other, but they also have access to third parties, whether they need to strengthen and assert themselves in their position, for a specific case consultation or around the topic of reconciling work and family.